Foodie In Training

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So...I think I lost the camera cord, which really stinks because that means I can't upload all of my beautiful photos of the awesome dishes I've been making and the great restaurants we've been to... Don't worry, I will find it (and in the mean time meticulously clean our bedroom) and when I do I can tell you about the red pepper sauce I made a few weeks ago, the Indian-spiced cauliflower we had the other day, and the awesome lunch we had at Lola (amazing!) and my birthday dinner at Baricelli Inn in Little Italy. 

It doesn't seem like we've been up to much these past few weeks, but I must tell you, we are kind of "foodies in limbo" (if you will) and living in our hometown and basically eating with our parents most meals.  Don't get me wrong, it's great and we are eating some great dishes, but we aren't cooking as much.  

Stay Tuned! 

oh yea...and Ryan passed the bar!! wahoo!!


Megan and Matt Stookey said...

Congrats Ryan on passing the bar!!

Greg, Angie and Ethan Frey said...

Congrats Ryan!!! :-)

Viviana said...

Congrats to Ryan!! We were wondering how that went.

Great news!