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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A tasty disaster

Last year I made Holiday Biscotti for friends and family for Christmas and they were a huge hit!
I made two flavors: the holiday biscotti with pistachios and dried cranberries and chocolate chip and anise seed. Everyone raved about the pistachio and cranberry biscotti so I definitely wanted to make those again but I wanted to try a different recipe for the second kind of biscotti. I came across this espresso biscotti recipe and liked all the different ingredients and the espresso flavor. Now, I did not use the base recipe for the espresso biscotti, I used the ingredients and instructions for Giada's holiday biscotti. I also change it up a bit, I used a shot of espresso (not the powder) and mixed that in to the wet ingredients.
The espresso biscotti turned out really tasty, I love all the flavors so every bite is a combination of something different, the tart of the dried cranberries, crunch of almond, and sweetness of the apricot and chocolate. And of course the cranberry and pistachio biscotti turned out great!
The end result was tasty, but man was my kitchen a DISASTER! I swear, I could do nothing without spilling. I made the biscotti in the Kelsey's kitchen, which is great, but I wasn't using my kitchen tools so I got all flustered and made quite the mess in the kitchen. Last year everything went so smooth, that I guess I was due for a kitchen disaster.

I only made a batch of each because I was having such a hard time, but they turned out so tasty I plan to make more before Christmas. They make great gifts!!

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