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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FN Dish

A few posts ago, I wrote a book review for the Amateur Gourmet and how much I enjoyed the book.  The author, Adam Roberts, who has  a great food blog with the same name, has been very busy because he now has a web show called FN Dish.  The premise is for Adam to go behind the scenes of the Food Network to talk about food news, events  and he even gets to interview the famous Food Network chefs...basically any Food Network fan's dream.   
He just got back from the South Beach Food Festival and I've watched a few of the videos from the weekend. He got interview Mario Batali and a very pregnant Giada de Laurentiis and he got to attend a panel about childhood obesity and interviewed Alice Waters and Rachael Ray afterwards.  The think the web show is great and Adam does a great job asking good questions and tries not to look too starstruck.  Adam's story is pretty cool because he found his love for cooking while he was unhappy at law school.  He started his blog a few years ago and has turned it in to quite a career!  Pretty inspiring. 
I definitely recommend checking out the FN Dish and Amateur Gourmet.

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Dana said...

I'm a huge fan of FN Dish...Erin, did you know that the Academy is now allowing online content like webisodes and online films to be eligible for nomination in this years Primetime Emmy's. I think last year they were allowed for the DT Emmy's, so it's pretty cool they're actually considering online amateur/indie footage for nomination this year. If you're interested or want to read more, check out www.emmys.com. I'm workin with the Academy to help spread the message about the new nominations, so if you get to check it out let me know! It would be great to see FN Dish win an award =)