Foodie In Training

Thursday, November 15, 2007


So..it's quite apparent that Ryan and I had very different dining experiences at York Street Cafe, but I guess that happens when a person does not like their entree. To defend my critique I think that atmosphere can definitely sway me one way or the other when I think about a restaurant and food. I loved the feeling I got at York Street Cafe, just very cozy and cool and like Ryan and I both said, eclectic. I think the restaurant has definite potential and it all comes down to what you choose from the menu. I think when I go back I want to try new things on the menu and critique them again and I encourage Ryan to do the same. :)

P.S. Ryan does not like broccoli, therefore I do not think he is a good judge of it. I also had no idea how jaded he was about spinach and artichoke dip. Learn something new everyday!


Ryan said...

I think our reviews were pretty similar, except for the broccoli, which I am acquiring a taste for. I just thought it was mushy and with no seasoning.

Anyway, spinach and artichoke dip has sufficiently bored me. It is a nice combo of flavor and the creamy texture makes for a good dip and toping for a variety of veggies, chips, breads, etc. But, I think York St. Cafe overdid it with the pizza and especially the "crust" on your fish. I think it has a tendency to get heavy and bland when it goes from side dip of an appetizer to star of the meal.

lindsay said...

well, it's obvious that this dynamic is going to get very interesting... looking forward to more of your assessments on your shared experiences that may or may not be so similar! cheers to you both.