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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jaws, part 2

I haven't been posting recently because I'm still have problems with my jaw. So I'm still mostly eating soup. I've graduated up to chunkier soups, chili, ravioli's, egg salad and the occasional pasta salad. This is getting old but hopefully I'm on the mend and can start eating normally again. I helped my mom make chili this weekend so I finally got to have my chunky chili! My mom bought some of that Boca Burger meat and we used that instead of meat. It was kind of chewy but it didn't change the taste of the chili. I'm not sure I'd use it again, but it was worth a try.

Last night I had my friend Mary came over and I made whole wheat ravioli with my tomato sauce. Nothing fancy, just canned diced tomatoes with some seasonings and fresh herbs. It was a nice simple meal and a wonderful change from soup. Thanks for coming over Mary!


mallory said...

hi erin! i saw your blog on your facebook profile, so i checked it out :) such a great idea!! once i get my new place i am going to start cooking a lot more, so i am going to have to be a regular visitor to your blog to get recipes ideas!!

365 days... said...

Yum! Your recipe for the chili sounds good! You are making me hungry!!! :-) Hope you are doing well!

Mary said...

no, thank you erin! I can't believe how much blogging and cooking you both have been doing. love it!