Foodie In Training

Monday, October 8, 2007

Welcome Wagon

Welcome to my blog!!

While thinking of what to write for my very first post, something bad happened. Ryan and I made burgers tonight and it was my job to slice and get out the condiments. Well, after easily chopping up onions and tomatoes I sliced the fresh jalepenos...I think I got some juice or a seed under my fingernail, because just scrached a cut on my lip and licked my fingernail and my whole mouth is on fire...and I don't like spicy stuff.

So while my mouth is burning, I'll tell you that the point of this blog is to report my adventures in food. I love to cook, try new recipes and new ingredients. Ryan and I also like to eat out and try new restaurants. We like to call ourselve (well at least I do) Foodie's in training.

I'll probably add in a few random thoughts every now and then.


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