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Monday, October 29, 2007

Solid Food!

This weekend was a wonderful weekend at home filled with great food (solid, not soup!) and family. We arrived Friday evening and met Ryan's parents at the Four Monks for a late dinner. I was able to eat a HUGE entree of lasagna and it was sooo good. I love home-made, authentic lasagna. Italian food is probably my favorite type of food and I've been missing it since my jaw problems started.
Saturday night the Stookey women resurrected an old family tradition where the we got together and made finger sandwiches for a family members bridal shower. It was so great to get together with my grandma's, aunts and a few cousins and make the sandwiches. They consisted of a layer of egg salad, a layer of bologna salad, and a layer of cream cheese (colored green with food coloring!). A slice of a wheat or white bread separates each layer. I was skeptical at first because they look a little crazy, but they were so good and they were a hit the next day at the bridal shower.
I hope we can continue this tradition because it was great to get everyone together and we had so much fun making them.

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